This is a blog that allows me (obviously the pi-ped in the trio) the liberty of putting words into Harold (cat) and Tia (dog) ‘s mouths while I learn my way around WordPress.

Harold was a premie emergency c-section kitten that I hand-raised. He’s very unique, thinks he’s a dog or a person, and is a huge amount of fun. His favorite game is chasing balls of paper which he will return three out of five times, or not at all depending on his mood.

Tia is a sharpei and was rescued from a puppy mill. She had already had one litter of pups by 1-1/2 years old . When I adopted her she weighed 29 pounds and it took one full year to get her weight to maintain 39/40 pounds. She now weighs 46 pounds but still has lots of digestive problems. Because Tia didn’t have entropian surgery (a surgery performed on sharpei eyelids usually as pups) her vision was permanently damaged and she has lost all peripheral vision. Her favorite game is to jump. This girl can jump!

And me? Well, my name is Brin, and I live in British Columbia. I’ve written a fantasy novel which is still very much in the draft and rewrite stages. I like the analogy that my literary jet has just left the tarmack and my learning curve is the climb to 35,000 feet. In other words, I’ve got a hell-of-a-lot to learn!

I hope this site will be fun, more likely silly, and have some nice things on it too. So ….. onward and upward!


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