March. It seems incomprehensible to me that six months have passed since my last post. Life rockets along at break-neck speed; a cacophony of events which tumble me in and out of overwhelm. Clients, writing, twice daily dog-walking, family, teaching prep and teaching. A rich and satisfying life.

I endeavor to be mindful of my zero waste project. I purchase glass containers when they’re on sale and have resisted buying cling film and tin foil. We become so accustomed to reach for certain products. It’s been a huge learning for me. I have a massive hate for plastic. For a start, I wish to see the elimination of plastic shopping bags. The wretched stuff is everywhere.

Tia and Harold lie snoozing by my feet. They bring me immense joy. They ground me. Unconditional love helps me through those challenging days.

Tia & HaroldWith loving and warmth,