The zero waste project continues to challenge me. Despite carrying cloth bags and other forms of containers with me when I go shopping, products are inevitably packaged in something wasteful.

I have reduced plastic containers in my kitchen and home by replacing them with glass containers or mesh bags. When baking and cooking, I use parchment paper to line my pans.

I find toothpaste and body wash the easiest healthcare products to replicate. I’ve adapted to them easily. I admit however, that after two months of using baking soda in a water solution as hair wash, and apple cider vinegar in solution with water as a hair rinse, the results were such that I caved in and reverted to shampoo. That was no easy decision.

We grow up used to the feel, smell, and suds of shampoo. Though my hair and scalp finally found its natural balance of oils, it was a long haul. I could not get used to the feel of my hair. Put simply, I didn’t like the feel of my hair, nor the way it looked. And, I imagine, I’ll try again using something else. In the meantime, I have found a supplier who will refill my shampoo container.

It’s an interesting journey. One I won’t give up on. I continue to learn and adapt. In time this will be a comfortable and familiar way of life.

Our society isn’t set up for zero waste. I wish it was. I will continue to do my part by asking in shops if they will refill my bottles and let me use my containers.

The word of the month seems to be: Adapt. 😀