Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. Tia, Harold and I are older but we’re putzing along in grand fashion. I hope to update my writing and reflexology blogs as well – even if it’s a paragraph or two.

There are several notable changes in my life, but for the purposes of this website, it is a lifestyle change. On November 25th, I challenged myself to embrace Zero Waste. I’ve given myself a year to reduce the amount of garbage I produce as much as possible.

That means changing how I store and buy items – all household items, not just food. I’ll use net bags for produce, glass containers and jars for bulk items, and buy bulk as much as possible. No more packaged items. It’s going to be interesting – and challenging to take containers to the grocery store. In fact, I will probably phone ahead to make sure that I can buy, say, bulk garbanzo beans and have them in a mesh bag instead of a plastic bag, or, buy bulk olives but put them in a glass jar rather than one of the plastic containers usually used. I have also sourced out local meat producers who still wrap in brown paper because I don’t want the plastic tray or cling wrap from that style of packaging.

I’ve found a local shop which has Greek olive oil on tap. Here’s a pic of my nifty new storage containers! And, I’ve found a local woman who makes bee’s wax and cotton food storage wrap. I’m picking them up from her tomorrow morning. So, no more cling film, no more aluminum foil, no more wax paper. Once the boxes I have are finished, they won’t be replaced. I will possibly use parchment paper as it’s compostable.

Olive oil

Olive oil

I finished the bottle of Neutrogena Rain Bath body wash yesterday; a product which I’ve used for years. So, this morning I made body wash. I think it was a success. Physically, I will have to adapt to change as well. Deodorant, toothpaste, all these things will no longer be store-bought and will be home-made.

I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but I hope to use this page as a journal of sorts to post my progress, musings, and photos.

I’ll add links to the Zero Waste Links page as I come across them.

Let the journey begin!