I read Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay yesterday.Today, I am melancholy. Not maudlin, or weepy, or despondent, but rather I have a sense of hollowness and sadness. In my opinion, the book is beautifully written.

I’m not surprised by my reaction. Humanity perplexes me. We have the ability to enact profound, loving kindesses upon one another, and yet we forget the unconscionable acts of violence we’ve committed upon each other in the past – and continue to inflict – somewhere – this very day. We’re a perpetually dichotomous species. Capable of infinite loving and staggering brutality. Utterly creative and glorious one minute and stagnant and oppressive the next. Never, or rarely it seems, to find a common and sustainable, middle ground.

So, in my way, today, I want to acknowledge that I was deeply touched by this book, the images which Tatiana de Rosnay eloquently painted in my mind and that I will never forget. And, I think, that’s the point. That we never forget.