I’ve been thinking about how we, as individuals, change over time. On December 30, 1979 I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Greece, where I was living at the time. Over the next two-and-a-half years I had seven surgeries, wore a leg brace and walked with crutches, then eventually graduated to using a cane. When I moved back to Canada in 1984, I was still a young whipper-snapper (relatively speaking) and although I had an understanding of nutrition and paid attention to what I ate, it wasn’t on my list of priorities. Modalities like chiropractic, reflexology and acupuncture still lingered somewhere in the “woo-woo” realm.

I smile as I think how my life has changed, for the better, because of those three marvelous modes of therapy. The chiropractic sessions began sometime in the mid 1990’s and I still have regular tune-ups, acupuncture began on a regular basis in 2004 and reflexology on a monthly basis in 2006. I got my reflexology certification because I learned through experience that it works.

We have wise bodies, if we still ourselves and learn to listen. My body tells me what it needs and wants – what works and what doesn’t; the trick is whether or not I choose to listen. I admit that is the ongoing challenge.

I guess I’ve been overdoing it lately. Time for a cup of tea, in a comfy chair, with a good book! Yes!