I wonder what, if anything, our Paleolithic ancestors thought about. Do you think they looked into the sky and thought, “Heat. Golden orb?” or does that sound just too hokey?

This is the true Day #1 for me on the Paleo Diet. My friend, Penelope, came over last evening and we prepared and cooked several Paleo dishes. Here are a couple pics of our labours:

One is a huge crock-pot of coq-au-vin and the other is a fennel and orange salad. We also cooked a turkey breast and a pork tenderloin. Here’s the thing; this diet could be very expensive – but, since we’re sharing costs I think it’s manageable. And, what I’m enjoying, is the grazing! I am allowing myself those mid-morning snacks and they’re healthy fruits and/or vegetables.

I weighed myself this morning too. Personally, I think the scale is lying. I’ll see what it says in a week. I like this. Something new, creative, and tasty. An at-home science project where I’ll accumulate the data and hopefully feel better in the process. Neato!